Monday, December 6, 2010


You know every time you sign into Blogger you see those links on the right top side of the page that say 'Dashboard,' 'My account' etc...Well, when I see it I can't help but say 'dashboard' in my mind like the mom from the movie 'John Q.' It drives me crazy. Just in case you haven't seen the movie (which you should) or forgot that part, here it is.

Here's to hoping that I am no longer the only one who has to suffer with this :)

PS. Who's like 'I'm gonna put that John Q dashboard scene on YouTube, just in case someone reallllly wants to see it/embed it in their blog post" ...I didn't actually expect to find it, but thank you?

PPS. 'Oooo, And I'll add French subtitles, just in case that person who wants to embed it on their blog post is French' ...I'm not, but I appreciate the french version of slurred words :)


  1. hahahahaha love this and manic/maniac monday (:

  2. haha...someone come get this lady.