Monday, December 27, 2010

This is Poo!

I know it's kind of a long shot to relate this video to my day theme... but, I am at a loss for what else I can post today...so here's a little after Christmas cheer. He's just saying what we all thought after unwrapping at least one of our gifts this year :) Proof there is such a thing as 'too honest'.

Maybe he would have enjoyed a Kindle more... LIKE WHAT I GOT. YAYAYAYAY!


  1. HAHAHA.
    i love this. (:

  2. ps i love the new layout toooo! makes me want to sing 'firework' all the time.. so maybe you should emily because i like you singing it better (:

  3. hahahahah THIS IS HILARIOUS!!
    i love it:)

  4. emily i need you to redo my blog :)

    also, that movie is hilarious!! i bet that was drew when he was little. seriously that kid HATES books. so so so so funny.

  5. Ask & you shall receive! What do you want my lady? The banner is like a trial & error process combining things I find online, so if you find/have images/fonts/whatever & pics I can put them together for ya :) As for the templates, there are tons of free ones throughout the interweb.

    PS. We probably need a new Saturday blogger. Just sayin. Jaime has relinquished her spot by not having yet posted :) Agreed? Agreed.