Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Give the Midwest a try...

Looking at the list of girls who help write this blog, a majority of us hail from the Midwest.

Wearing our matching Detroit shirts.  We love to represent.
I tried to find one where they all had Ohio shirts, but it was impossible.  Feel free to replace this one if any of you have one.

I don't know about the Ohio girls, but I know that in my experience people have knocked the Midwest a lot. I've had people tell me it's the middle of nowhere. I've had people say to me, "I'm sorry you had to live there," when I told them I was from Detroit. Honestly, I'm fed up with people knocking the Midwest. You cannot talk crap about it until you have been there. I don't make fun of Nebraska even though driving through it is probably THE most boring thing to do ever. So, I guess what I am trying to say this week is, give the Midwest a try.

If I were going to be even more passionate I would say, give Detroit a try. I just wrote a post yesterday on my blog about my love for Detroit and the way that the Chrysler Super Bowl commercial really rang true for me.  Rather than just reposting that here, I'll let you go there to check it out.  Looking for a summer vacation for this year?  Think about trying Michigan, and if you need some tips of the best spots to go, just ask me, I know quite a few.  From the bottom of the glove to the tip of the top pinkie,  I love my home state.


  1. haha so cute, rach! i love the little hands showing your lovely state. and i am pretty sure the three of us dont have any pics wearing ohio shirts, although drew and i have a few from watching buckeye games... i guess we have something else to add to our day zero lists: pic with OSU apparel!