Saturday, February 26, 2011

one of my favorite salads in the whole world

Super fruit and veggie meal with SO much flavor!

Salad: Lettuce, strawberries, avocados, chopped walnuts (I buy them whole and food-process them, since it's cheaper that way) with Lite Poppyseed dressing. Try it! It's heaven.

Pasta: We buy whole wheat Barilla rotini (since you can almost always find coupons for it) and Ragu makes this amazing pasta sauce that actually has chunks of veggies in it (and supposedly two servings of veggies per serving!). So. Good.

our camera is being a little rediculous and won't turn on even with new batteries, so you'll just have to imagine this yummy meal and enjoy pics of baby d at Border's during our Monday date night playing with stuffed animals instead.
Besides, you can't look at those cheeks and say they're not scrumptious, right??

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  1. YUM! love that salad, love that pasta and love that little boy!