Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sanding and Painting and Trim, Oh My!

This post is super late at night because I spent the majority of my evening finishing up on painting the hallway, but my challenge for the week is to NOT sand, paint, or put up trim.  Reason being?  It makes your house look like a disaster zone and doing all of these projects at one time cannot be completed in one day... so disaster zone lasts for a long time!

Now... I have lived in disaster zones before, and these pictures are not to judge.  They are just to show that I should be able to handle a little painting disaster, but it still makes my skin itch.

Roomie's side our freshman year.  Love her, but loved to clean up for her too.
Sophomore year of college, loved the beds in the living room for sleepovers, but it gave me hives occasionally.
Living room before repainting.  It was really dark.
New paint in the living room.  Barefoot Beach is the color.  Still haven't put up the crown molding yet.
Hallway before.  Same dark color.
Hallway after.  Country Beige.  Replacing the trim soonish.

So... I guess try painting, or not painting, or, just try not stressing over the disasters that occur in a house over time.


  1. Hahahahaha! HEY!!! I was clean!!! You can't just take a photo of a bad day & blaspheme me :)

    But, yes, it was always a surprise when I would come home to color coordinated closets.

  2. Hey, I didn't say who did those things silly. I loved it. For real. I just needed to have some fun pictures to post for this week.