Sunday, February 20, 2011

relax max.

i haven't seen too many artists in concert, but i do enjoy listening to live music. the three big ones i've seen have been AWESOME for their own individual reasons (n'sync -- watershed -- goo goo dolls) and i'm thinking of adding number four to the list this summer.

anyone ever heard of naturally 7?

they are pretty much awesome. they're an a cappella group, but they're so much more than that too. each of them has an "instrument" they embody (like drums, trombones, guitar, etc) and what comes out of it is really cool. seriously. youtube "naturally 7" and just see what kind of sweet music you end up with.

PLUS they're touring with michael buble -- coming to milwaukee in june. crossing my fingers that i can land some tickets / get time off work to see some awesome music! let me know what you think --


  1. I SAW THEM AT THE MICHAEL BUBLE CONCERT THIS PAST SUMMER!!!! they are PHENOMENAL. gogogogo for sure! just love (:

  2. They are def. talented. I think that a capella groups don't ever get the credit they deserve :(

    Hopefully Glee will help change that haha