Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Inexpensive Flights

I am sure that most of you are aware that I love to travel.  From road trips down to Vegas for the weekend with my sister's family to ten days in Asia spanning four countries (Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand) I am all about the travels.  The single most expensive part of traveling from my experience is the plane tickets for the trip.  So, for Try Me Tuesday, I want to share a couple of flight secrets that I have found.

The first secret is Jetblue

They are by far my favorite airline.  They have in-flight entertainment in the back of every seat including an awesome trivia game where you compete against the people sitting around you.  The other awesome thing?  FREE in-flight snacks.  That hardly ever happens any more.  Other amazing ammenities?  They offer extra legroom to every customer and every seat has the same pricing.  And, here's the kicker, every first checked bag is still free.  That does not require a special credit card.  It does not require any sort of membership.  It's just standard.  Jon and I signed up for the Trueblue club and get emails about discounted flights.  From one of those emails, we bought tickets to Long Beach, California, so that I can go to Disneyland for the first time.  How much did we spend?  $79 each way.  Such an awesome deal.  Jetblue, we love you!

Our plane to Singapore in 2009
Look at the awesome seats on our 19 hour flight.  The phone looking thing was a remote for playing the video games on the screens.  And rather than leaning back, the seats slid forward and then leaned back.

The other secret is one that I just discovered.  It's called Air Fare Watchdog.  You sign up for free and get emails when there are cheap flights from any city to any other city that you select.  I've signed up for SLC to SAN and SLC to DTW notifications.  The other fun option that they have is "fares from a city."  I signed up for SLC because that's where we live, so once a week I'll get a list of discounted rates to a random assortment of cities around the world.  It's pretty fun.  I already found a flight that I am sooo considering to book.  $310 to Detroit from Salt Lake.  That's less than half of the regular price. 

So... give either one a try.  If you plan to travel, why not get a good price?


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