Tuesday, January 4, 2011

After Christmas Sales

So... I am a total slacker and skipped last week's try me Tuesday.  The reason being, I thought it would be rude to say try being sick as a dog.  I have an awesome ear infection and sinus infection and I didn't think anyone should try getting either of those.  Rather than trying my awesome sickness and amoxicillin  regime, I say try getting freaking awesome after Christmas sale deals.

I have great pictures of all of the deals I got, but rather than loading them and being a good blogger, I'm stealing copies from the websites where you can order one of your own.

Jon and I visited Target a few days after we got back from Michigan and bought this awesome tree

Now, I am sure that you are looking at the website, and it is saying $175.  Seems like a fair price for a Christmas tree before Christmas, right?  Well, after Christmas, we got it for $30 because it was the display and they did not have the box.  7' Pre-lit tree for $30, good deal if I do say so myself.

You are thinking, now where are they doing to store that tree if they do not have the original box.  Well, that's where the Bed, Bath, and Beyond after Christmas shopping came in.  I got this amazing Christmas tree storage bag with a 20% off coupon. 

Lowe's is another of our favorite stores in this house, so we visited Lowe's looking for their ridiculously huge and cheap giftwrap.  I got enough from there last year that it covered all of our presents for this Christmas plus all of the birthdays.  Well, this year I got 200 sq ft of gift wrap and 90 pre-made bows for... How much do you think?  $5.75.  How much would it have cost me before Christmas?  $33.  That's a pretty good deal.  I'll post pictures of how cute it is
some day... No promises though.

Those are all of our awesome after Christmas sale purchases.  Minus one, that isn't really for Christmas.  It's a really early birthday present for my little nephew Hunter.  He is obsessed with Cars.  Look at how cute he says Sally.  Well, at BBB, I found him a Cars suitcase,

original price on the website, $20.  After clearance and coupon, I got it for $8.  Happy Birthday Hunter and happy after Christmas shopping to all of you!

p.s. If you have any amazing after Christmas shopping spots, please share them, I'm always looking for a good deal.


  1. wow rach, you need to always fill us in with this stuff! drew would go crazy for some of those deals, they are so freaking good! thanks for posting, even if it was a day late :)

  2. ...if only i had any money left after christmas...

  3. I promise, it wasn't a day late. I just wrote the post after I got off of work. So... it was before midnight...

  4. i always alter the time if i can't do it the day of (: so don't even worry about posting late because i do about 99% of the time!