Monday, January 3, 2011

You know when a light bulb goes off...

& you have this brilliant idea & can't wait to wake up the next morning to get started with it all & then BAM... This happens.

I feel miserable. My leg is killing me, my head is pounding, my eyes are swollen, sinus pressure is awful, I'm exhausted & can't sleep, nausea is killing me, my throat feels the exact way it did when I had mono a few years back, my tonsils are so swollen my brain keeps thinking it's something I need to swallow so it involuntarily contracts (causing even more pain), I'm all achey, & to top it all off I started my period the exact same time & I have the worst cramps known to man! or woman.

When I do get better though, know that this idea is going to produce awesome *things* & you will all just have to wait for me to start to find out what!

Until then, pity me :D

PS. Brother got home from Afghanistan today for a 2 week break, & we're trying to get a little CA roadtrip together to go see Cam & his wifey, but now I'm not too sure I'll be alive for it.
Sucky Monday X a billion. We're allowed to complain here, right? Haha, cause I am a total Negative Nancy today ;)


  1. i am REALLY hoping that the fact that your throat is swollen and you can't do your awesome idea means that you were going to SING SOMETHING. or something along those lines. in which case... i totally pardon your belatedness. feel better emilyyyyyyyy!

  2. / :

    i know what your project is and i can't waittt. feel better XOX

  3. How do you know what it is?!? I haven't told anyone!! Must be BFF ESP.

  4. i think you told me when we skyped. and then maybe you got amnesia and forgot. that...plus the BFF ESP.

  5. Nope, not the former. Must be the latter. (It's not recording music. That's old news & not that awesome haha)

  6. but some things you are going to MAKE...? those you told me about ( :