Monday, January 17, 2011

'Words Words Words...'

Did you know...that 90% of what we write/speak today is communicated by only 7,000 words?


Learning a word a day is one of my DZP goals (I'm failing so far), & as irony would have it, on the DZP twitter page I came across the 'Save the Words' organization who due to the vilioration of the use of words, their vanmost mission is quaeritating people to visit this locupletative site, vadiate to adopt one word, & insert it into daily conversation to make it noscible.

Yes, I just learned those 5 minutes ago. Once you get past the creepiness of them calling out to you, it's pretty cool!

Beware of epalpebrate. He kept yelling at me, & every time he did I thought, 'not Anna.'

PS. Spellcheck doesn't even recognize the purple words :/
PPS. No picture post! Muahahahaha.


  1. That's hilarious that spell check does not even recognize them. I tried spelling amoxicillin last week and the spell check said it was spelled, "penicillin."

  2. haha. eyebrows.

    you're a jerk.