Sunday, January 16, 2011

a bit of a belated tickle me thursday..

this past week my life has been overtaken with the following schedule:

wake up by 7am
class from 9am-2pm
eat, work on homework until 3pm
nap until 4:30pm
make dinner, leave for peter pan rehearsal by 5:15pm
rehearsal until 12am or later
finish homework, get ready for bed, sleep by 1:30am

so i apologize for not posting sooner (as in on the actual day i was supposed to post) buuuuuuut here's this little nugget for you all:

my daddy sent this to me (+ ruth and anna, but i'm not sure they've watched it yet), as well as to a bunch of other people, including people he works with. a little backgroud info about my dad: he's not the type to send "chain letters" or any junk like that.. i actually legitimately don't remember the last time he ever 'forwarded' anything to me. so the fact that i could see that he sent this to so many people alone showed me how wonderful this truly must be. needless to say, i watched it and it tickled my visual and spiritual senses like no other. i know this is a bit different from the tickle-me-funny stuff i usually post, but i feel this is truly worth watching. so do it (: here's the message he sent along with it:

Subject: Remarkable video - the wonders of the world

My family and friends,

The link below will take you to one of the most beautiful videos I've ever seen.

When you need to relax from the cares of the world, take six minutes and check it out.  It is fabulous!

I honestly can't understand how any thoughtful person can look at the wonders of the world and yet not believe in God.  I believe.



(p.s. editor's note: make sure you let it load all the way before you watch it. otherwise it might freeze or something. oh, and make it full screen, too. with this kinda video, you gotta get the full effect, all at once!)

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