Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mistadobalina, Mista Bob Dobalina

January 25th is probably my family's least favorite day of the year.  It was the day that my sister passed away in 1998 and thinking about that is not one of my favorite things.  I miss my sister a lot, a lot of the time.  As hard as it is to explain to people when they ask about my family and I say I have 4 sisters and only mention where three of them live, my sister will always be my sister and she will never be left out.
Me and Jess
Silly little things remind me of Jessiy all of the time.  There are a few songs that my sisters and I hear on the radio that makes us know that Jessiy is looking down on us, thinking about us.  It's funny because I accidentally hear one every year on January 25th.  This year though, a totally different song reached out to remind me of her on January 24th. 

Jon and I were watching an episode of Psych (Death is in the Air) on Netflix tonight and Gus said, "He sometimes goes by the name of Mr. Dobalina."  Shawn then replies, "Mr. Bob Dobalina?"  I was so excited when I heard that quote.  I made Jon pause the show and pulled up iTunes on my computer.  Jessiy had this weird CD by Del Tha Funkee Homosapien that I used to listen to with her when she was painting.  My favorite song was called Mistadobalina and it is the only song from the CD that I have kept in my iTunes all these years.  So... for your listening and viewing pleasure.  Here is Mr. Dobalina.  Mr. Bob Dobalina.

So, rather than trying to hate today forever.  Try enjoying this ridiculously 90s music video and smile with me as I remember fun times hanging out with my big sister.


  1. aww rach i had no idea! i love you. and this song. way to be, attaching better memories to ones that are maybe not so good :)

  2. that video is so 90's!! glad you can make some new memories today <3

  3. i love that video hahaha!! just love happy memories. + you! (: