Friday, January 7, 2011

Because that's the way it is...

"What do you want for breakfast?"
"A hot dog."
"Why not?"
"Because that's the way it is..."

In my social problems class my teacher was talking about social norms. She was saying that one morning she didn't want to deal with what to make for breakfast. Then she had this conversation with her eight year old son.

So the question is, why do we do the things we do?
Are all of your decisions your own?
Or are they dictated by the practices of modern society?

Now think about that the next time you eat lunch at a table rather then on the floor.


  1. i wish you had a picture. it would look much more like a real blog post. get with the program, girl.

    KIDDING. love this (:

  2. :( I always end up eating while sitting on the floor. sad. I suppose I am not the norm..

    haha at first when i saw that quote, I thought it was sarah writing about our little brother daniel.

  3. Love it! I totally eat pizza for breakfast. Not just leftover pizza either. Thanks for reminding us to keep things fresh!

  4. Hahaha, sarah. I always thought blogs were for reading, then I saw others posts saying things like "sorry i dont have pictures" "dont be mad at me for writing so much'... all I do is write, really, so I went through my blog post view counts... ones with pictures = way more views. *shakes head* really, people? :)

    now back on topic. people always look at me funny like im some crazy femnazi when it somehow comes up that I don't want to take my husband's last name. Besides the (sexist) history of why women were 'made' to do that, I just don't like the last name of the guy im pretty sure im gonna marry (love you andrew). I also want my kids name to be hyphenated. & that im even considered a feminist for thinking this is silly. Why is it feminist to want to keep my name, but not chauvinistic for a guy to want you to take HIS name? cause it's a social norm. *Frustrating* Oh & when people say , "if you loved him, you would do it." dont get me started!

  5. ...holy crap even my post comments are novels. i just can't contain myself...

  6. ahahahahaha. i love you emily. and your novels (:

  7. hah love this, micaela. i agree.

    also i love eating breakfast food basically all the time.