Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm in love with a water bottle.

When Jon started the MBA program at the U this fall he was gifted with a few really nice and fun items.  A fancy Ogio backpack, a Dell computer, a U of U flash drive, and a U of U better bottle from Camelbak.  I thought the gifts were pretty nice, but the one that I wanted to steal and never give back to him was the water bottle.

I'm really not very good at staying hydrated you see.  I forget that I should be drinking water all throughout the day and then try to make up for it before bed.  I told Jon that if I could have his water bottle, I would drink water more often and be more healthy.  Well, that didn't really work because he loved it as much as I did.  And really, what was I thinking, wanting to drink from a University of Utah bottle, geez.  So, rather than go waterless I went to Sports Authority and got one of my own, in blue (for BYU).

It has been the best investment for water I have ever made.  I use it at work when I am working in the pantry.  Since it's a food prep area all drinks have to be covered and employees can only drink from a container with a straw.  Lucky for me, the better bottle has a straw.

Now, here's the really funny part about these silly water bottles that Jon and I love.  When we were at Sports Authority on Friday shopping for ice fishing implements, I spotted a mini better bottle.  It was a kids version, and what did it have on it?  DINOSAURS!!!  I grabbed it and showed Jon and told him it was the coolest kids cup I have ever seen, and guess what.  He actually let me buy it!!!  No, this is not an announcement.  It's just loads of excitement over a silly little water bottle.  When we got home I had to look it up to see if they made a girly version, and sure enough, they do.  I might need to order that one for Valentine's day or something.
This is the dinosaur one that we bought.
This is the girly one that I want for Valentine's Day.

Aren't they adorable??

Here's an awesome demo from ZRecs (an awesome review site for kid products) on how to put the kids one together and to prove that it really is leak proof for kiddos.  In the demo he just pushes the nozzle back and forth, but it has a button also that you can push and the nozzle will automatically pop.

And, just because babies are adorable, here's a video of a baby actually using one of these water bottles. I think it's hilarious that the mom does not tip it down further for the kiddo to get a sip.


  1. ahhhh i love it!!! so funny. and i love the dinosaurs!!! I want! I want!!