Saturday, January 22, 2011


So this post isn't actually frank...
Neither is it on Friday because I am moving in slow motion.
But I had this awesome dream last night.
Usually I'd put this on my blog...
but since I'm overdue, I'll post it here:)

My family was in this hotel room watching a cartoon that my mom was obsessed with. Literally obsessed. She just sat on the bed staring at the TV. So we sat with her. We were eating shrimp cocktail and pretzels. Suddenly there was a knock on our door. We all turned and looked as my dad got up to open the door. (My mom didn't though. She was glued to the screen.) When my dad opened the door there was a guard-like man standing there.
"Brent Anderson? I need you to come with me."
My dad just looked confused.
The guard continued, "You are under arrest for leading troops in the Rebellion army."
Then I looked down at the floor and saw a map (that looked a lot like the game of risk). The title of the map read Mormon Conquest of the World. It turns out the Rebellion army is the church. We were helping the Mormons conquer the world! I shoved the map under the bed with my foot.
My dad said, "I have no idea what you're talking about."
The guard replied, "Well even if you aren't leading the rebellion, you didn't pay your taxes, so I have to take you in anyway."
He grabbed my dad and started to pull him out of the hotel room while my dad struggled to fight back. Then this warrior woman showed up and kicked my dad in the shin. Then a friar showed up and joined the fight against my dad. All my dad needed was one good blow. He hit the guard right in the face and broke his nose. The guard and warrior woman ran off. The friar stayed behind.
"I promise I'm with you!" He said, putting down his weapon. "I came to warn you that you need to gather all the men in the rebellion and leave now. Your families will be safe here, but you need to leave. They discovered you all because none of you remembered to pay your taxes."
My dad agreed, kissed my oblivious mom on the head, hugged my siblings then grabbed me and said "She's coming with us."

Thats the end.
Just a disclaimer to anyone reading this...

I just thought it was a really great dream:)

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