Sunday, January 2, 2011

where are you going?

2010 is officially over.
and 2011 will be as awesome as you make it.
the best is yet to come.
don't look back.

...unless purple-shirt-guy-with-adorable-glasses is back there.
in which case -- TOTALLY GO BACK.


  1. aww and hes spiritiual too! you should go stalk him on facebook...

  2. hah i'm pretty sure he's wearing a wedding ring. oh wellll

  3. I was about to comment, I am pretty sure purple shirt guy has a ring on. Oh well. He is pretty handsome and he did know the story.

  4. I love how they didn't know anything in the beginning... then they are scholars on the subject by the end :)

  5. Um, all of you girls ogling the guy with the purple shirt and glasses... His name is Jared Wyatt and he's a friend of mine! He lived near me in San Diego and we served in the same mission, and he married one of the girls I home taught growing up. It makes me proud that he knew the story! Go North Carolina Raleigh Mission!

  6. NO WAY!!! that's so funny. it's a small world after all.