Monday, January 10, 2011

First Crush...

The day before yesterday I was sitting on the couch really sick with nothing to do & no energy to do it. I don't really know how this came about, but while lying down frustrated with my flu nonproductiveness on top of the usual no-leg nonproductiveness, I had the oddest flash in my brain of a little tofu cube that started talking to me. I'm sure the gallons of cough syrup running through my veins & fever helped with that, but in any case I decided she needed to get out of my brain & into my computer. I started 'drawing' her in paint, & I realized she looked like a cheese cube as well...that's basically how this story evolved. Mind you, I WISH I could draw well, but I simply can't. My talent does not match my imagination, but you make do with what you got :)

Something was missing though, so I decided to add some music to the story, but didn't know what. Then like magic I remembered a little diddle I composed in the DT basement while a freshman at BYU (the same year I met Anna, Rachael & Ruth :) I've always loved this short tune & would go down in that basement & play it every time I was sad. It always gave me some peace...then it morphed into different tones like happy & dreamy & the rest is history.

After hours of recording (it getting deleted & having to sloppily record it again!), drawing, & editing, I am proud to Introduce: Cheese's First Crush.


  1. ahh i love this!!! i KNEW there would be some sort of a vegan twist.

    best part -- 0:40 ( :

  2. You know me too well... & you're one smart cookie :)

  3. my initial thought = you put this together in like two days since you commented on my day about a boy you liked totally dissing you.

    my afterthought = this is stellar. you + daniel could take over the animation world together.

    my favorite part = the credits (: and the moldy oldy years <3