Sunday, January 23, 2011

byu-idaho jams.

let's be honest. when we think of BYU-I, we don't think about anything awesome or cool. well, my friends, i have found something that is at least sort of cool that came out of those poor BYU-provo rejects (just kidding, of course. maybe they really like the snow / cold weather better than utah).

there are really 3 parts to this video (hence, the fact that it's super-long). the first part is the cool part. it was all done BACKWARDS which is awesome. the second part is just a flash mob (still moderately cool) and the third part is a mini-scene-finale / glorified credits (which isn't that interesting). but hey. BYU-I did something sort of cool. props to them (for the first part, at least).


  1. So, I have to give BYU-I props for this video. It is pretty cool, even if it is freaking long. But, two things, why do all of the guys wear skinny-jeans? They look like girls. Second, why can the girl on the left side at the start of the flash-mob scene not do the dance moves? I was so distracted by her late moves and striped shirt. Ah, oh well, it was BYU-I after all.

  2. is it odd i keep expecting tyler nielsen to show up somewhere in this? i guess it just surprises me that there are so many people at BYUI. go figure. i thought it was full of cattle. or llamas.